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  The Old White Flag

Giver Creator
You Gotta Love It
Smack Dab In The Middle Of His Will
He Will Be
Let It Be Me
The Great I Am Still Is
The Old White Flag
He Rescued Me
Delivered Again
The Holy Hills
I Know I’m Going Home

Hey, lost sinner man… don't you know you can't win
If you keep on walking on the road to hell
One day you're gonna walk right in
You're tired of listening to the devil's lies
Burdened down so low
You've found out that a sinner's life
Is a mighty hard row to hoe.

Why don't you just wave that old white flag of surrender
Come down to the alter…. let God save your soul today
You've run from the Lord since so far back you can't remember
Let Him ease your troubled mind
And wash your sins away.

Hey, lost sinner man…. I can see through your tears
I can see you staring at the preacher's face
His words just calmed your fears
There you go, running down the aisle
About to be born again
Very soon you can use that old white flag
To preach to your sinner friends

You….can….tell….them….. (Tenor takes the lead up an octave on last chorus)

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